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The influence of color on the prerception of ads

07/12/2016 - 18:51

The influence of color on the prerception of ads

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Each day we make different choices and reach for tested or novel products. How do we decide? Did you know that over 75% of customers choose the product according to its ... color.

Psychology of color

Colors affect the human mind in a strong way according to the scientists studying this topic. Color can affect our mood, can attract our attention, or on the contrary - make us miss the product. The color also determines our physical reactions. This fact is particularly important when we are designing advertising and marketing campaigns.

Color wheel - warm and cool colors

Basic tool for combining the colors is the color wheel, which is designed in a way that each combination always gives a good effect.
Colors located on the wheel are divided into warm and cool tones.
Warm colors - red, yellow and orange are lively and vigorous, they have a stimulating effect. Cool colors - blue, purple and green - are associated with peace, they have calming and soothing effect and they promote a passive attitude. Gray, white and black colors, are not on the wheel, but they are worth mentioning because of their frequent occurrence, they belong to the neutral colors.

Did you know ...?
All colors originate from three colors known as primary colors, which include red, yellow and blue. Another type, secondary colors - green, orange and purple are the result of mixing the primary colors and higher colors can be obtained by mixing secondary and primary colors.

Color and environment

The same color is perceived by the human eye differently depending on the environment. This is an important topic from the point of view of graphic design. 

Here are a few examples:



The same color looks different depending on the size of the background on which it is used. Narrow strip combined with a large circle filled with the same color looks darker. This happens because more white space surrounds it.



In this comparison when we present light color against dark background it looks brighter than on its own for example dark green in combination with a bright color looks even darker.



Spot on the dark or bright background - the dark background makes area around it look smaller.

Importance of colors

Black magic, in the red, to see the world through rose-colored glasses, catch red handed, golden opportunity, get the green light - there are many idioms that use colors and their meanings. While preparing project of the website and ordering logo it's good to deepen the knowledge on how certain colors affect our behavior and what we associate them with. 

Here's a short version, I will address this in more detail some other time.

redColor that's perfect for headlines calling for action: check out our offer, bargain. It's associated with the action and energy.

blue Color symbolizing stability, truth, loyalty. This color suppresses appetite, so it's not recommended to businesses associated with food.

yellowColor symbolizing stability, truth, loyalty. This color suppresses appetite, so it's not recommended to businesses associated with food.

Secondary colors: 

green the color of nature, symbolizes growth, development, freshness, harmony, peace. It is associated with health, peace, ecology.

orangecolor from energetic family (right next to the yellow and red). It evokes joy, fascination, stimulates appetite.

violetCalming and nerve-soothing color. It suppresses hunger, helps to concentrate and control emotions.

The impact of color on our behavior is huge. Men, women and children react totally different to it. The reaction to color can be also different depending on the age and even country. Due to the complexity of subject I will surely write a lot more colorful entries. Now I have to finish because I think I’m having a colorful vertigo.

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