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Logo and it's ingredients

07/12/2016 - 19:08

Logo and it's ingredients

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The logo is a symbol of company used to mark who they are. Who wouldn't know what the following symbols are associated with?

BMW logoChanel logoSony logo

Looking at examples above. It's clear that logos in their creation can differ. Before disassembling them to basic elements a few words to explain.

Logo and logotype

The word "logotype" comes from Greek and is a combination of two words:
"Logos" - meaning "a word" and "typos", meaning "a painting". So as you can see it's a combination of word and picture.

Words logo and logotype are often used interchangeably, but you can often find following definition, which incidentally is at odds with Greek origin of the word:
graphical form of symbol (Signet) and the name of the company is LOGO, but the text itself is a LOGOTYPE.
As it is easier to understand on the examples, let's take a look at our logo:
The logo may also be enhanced with slogan, catchphrase, which has its own definition in marketing: TAGLINE.

Logo, which consists of a signet and the logotype is the most popular kind of logo, however it can be made from LOGOTYPE ONLY, companies that use this kind of logos are for example CCC and Nokia.

CCC LogoNokia logo

Some companies decide on the logo in the form of a MONOGRAM, which is a sign made of the initials or abbreviations. This kind of logo was made by our agency for a personal trainer, Sven Friedrich. A clever artist hid silhouette of exercising person in exception to Customer's initials, which is relevant to Customer's business activity, making this logo even more attractive.

Sven Friedrich logo

Yet another example of the logo is a logo containing only SIGNET. This kind of logo is used by Apple, Toyota or Nike.

Apple logoToyota logoNike logo

Regardless of the type, the logo's task is to make item/service/company stand out from the competition. It should be thought out, clear, and of course it should be connected to the brand.
Creating a logo is a challenge for us, and we love challenges.
Read about how our agency creates logos.

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