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PrestaShop vs Magento

07/13/2016 - 15:11

PrestaShop vs Magento

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Seemingly similar, in reality different in many functionalities. PrestaShop and Magento – two of the most popular e-commerce platforms. Read about their advantages, disadvantages, and characteristics before choosing your e-Commerce software.


PrestaShop is one of the most popular scripts used to run an online shop. It has many plugins which allow you to extend its functionalities. Thanks to its intuitiveness, it's often recommended for people starting out in online sales.


PrestaShop as a tool for e-Commerce has the support not only in English but also in German. It's based on the Smarty template system, so developers and designers that are familiar with it certainly won't have any difficulties changing the graphics and adapting it to the needs of individual customers.

Another advantage of PrestaShop is its functionality. PrestaShop has many built-in features that can’t found in Magento. Missing functionalities, that are often free, can be installed. If not, they can be made by a programmer that knows this system, and it's not that difficult to find someone like that.

PrestaShop offers many capabilities, is an efficient tool, does not require a large amount of server resources and is really user-friendly.


Although there are many free features in this script, some of them have to be purchased or custom made to be used. So if you really want peculiar feature, you should check basic utilities of other scripts, such as Magento.

Older versions of PrestaShop may contain errors which have to be corrected by developers. Implementing automatic updates would be helpful, unfortunately PrestaShop doesn't offer this option yet.

While this script may be sufficient for small shops, it's functionalities meet difficulties in handling large stores. Compared to Magento it falls short mainly due to the lack of possibility of expansion.

PrestaShop is therefore a good choice for people that are just starting out internet sales and that have an average knowledge of computer science.


Extremely popular and one of the most comprehensive platforms used to run sales on the Internet. Dedicated to those who want to direct a large online store. It has many features making managing large amounts of product easier, however it has pretty high hardware requirements and requires a considerable computer science knowledge.


Extensive system of analysis, reporting, product management, payment system, mobile version - Magento has a very wide functionality.

Service handling and management with one administration panel allows you to simultaneously operate several stores.

Magento also lets you to set a template for the chosen product.

Magento has a good technical support, mainly in English. Compared to PrestaShop it requires more knowledge in IT.

Another advantage of Magento is its virtually unlimited capability to expand the script, unlike PrestaShop. This script also has many paid, but very good extensions. However there's a lot of free editions.

Magento, unlike the other free scripts, has a high SEO optimization capabilities.


One of the major drawbacks of Magento is that it's not as user friendly as, for example, PrestaShop, and it also requires greater IT knowledge. It also demands higher server hardware requirements.

Due to its complexity and sophistication, the costs of sales using the Magento are higher, further more operating it requires professional training or using services of the outside company that knows this script.

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